Bains de sable

Sand baths

Sand baths (depending on the season: June to September)

Renowned and famous in Morocco, they attract spa guests who travel from all over the kingdom and also from Europe.

The spammatotherapy or arénotherapy sablotherapy or healing or burial in the sand, called sand bath is an alternative medicine that caters to people with rheumatism, joint problems, back pain, but also to Besides the fact that this bath has benefits on our health, it is also a slimming program par excellence very effective if we want to reduce the weight load. Indeed, the hot sand 45 ° C allows the thermometer to remove excess water from the body. After sweating caused, fats and toxins will be released.

Buried for about ten minutes, under medical supervision, the heat of the sand and the sand weight, eliminates toxins.

Then you’ll be wrapped in a blanket and moved to a quiet room where you keep the wrap as long as possible (1H),. Hot tea will be served. Gentle wake and shower.

Price: 350 DH session

We recommend a 5-day minimum care to enjoy the benefits in the long term

Package 5 days / 5 nights at the Desert Lodge, including, half-board, double occupancy, 5 days of treatment with 2 treatments / day (morning and late PM)

Price: 6990 DH / person (double occupancy)

Facilities with  Desert Lodge : Jacuzzi / Massages / Leisure


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